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project coming up

2008-09-29 00:46:16 by guitar-fish

hey peeps i got some projects that i feel like telling you about and here they are

pogo ep 1
this i will probaly finsh first since its shorter then the other project, this i not a animation that i came up with the mastermind behind this is good ol chaosbeam21 im just the guy who animates it but im just that

corp pilot ep
this is an solo animation so have to do everything by my self but it should be good. now this is an pilot ep so is just so you will get a taste of the action to come it should be filled with action up to your nipples it basicly a part from a later ep that i plan on doing and the main charaters past for a bit but its pretty much a music video for the pilot

hope you enjoy them when it done making them


project coming up


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2008-09-29 21:36:04

lolz i posted on my own news thingy


2008-09-29 21:45:14

Dude that is much better animation! I am recording my lines soon, so get ready! The girl shall record hers later, hopefully by today.

guitar-fish responds:

sweet cant wait


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